Learn to flip properties step-by-step in an online course with access to support.


Have you been looking for a way to learn the STEP by STEP process of finding, fixing, and flipping properties to get to financial freedom faster?

Maybe you’ve been trying the books, blogs, forums, and meetups and are struggling with the know how of how to put it all together? Or the confidence to get out there and actually TAKE ACTION? I get it, I was once there too, and it’s why I made this course just for you.

By the end of Flip School, you will understand how to find, evaluate, renovate and get your project sold like a pro, gain the confidence and skill to earn massive profits and change YOUR financial future through fixing up outdated properties.

FLIP SCHOOL is the first course of it’s kind that immerses you in education at your fingertips, gets you taking action, and ALSO gives you access to a coach and support from like-minded friends.

"I had discovered Tracy on social media and was instantly drawn to her wealth of knowledge. I would find myself constsntly saving the posts she would create since the posts were just so informative. Then she promoted her course, and I had no doubt that her course would be excellent.....her course was beyond excellent!


Flip School Student

"I had listened to many podcasts and read books about real estate + flipping. But Tracy's flip school course was so much more than i could have ever learned from the podcasts and books. In her course, Tracy really breaks down the fundamentals in such a concise and well planned process providing so much insight. I learned so much!

I would absolutely recommend the Flip School Course for beginners."

2022 Flip School Student

Flip School Student

Why will my methods get you to freedom FASTER with less HASSLE?

I know some "gurus" want to sell you on the idea of having a giant business, doing 100 flips a year, with a lot of employees, and that can be pretty intimidating; I get it!

But my method is different, do-able, and it WORKS.

If you use my simple system and methods, here's what you can expect:

  • Doing your first deal will change your confidence

  • Deals #2-3 could help you eliminate your debt once and for all

  • Deals #4-5 could pad your emergency fund for more security

  • Then, doing 3-5 deals a year after that can fund buying rentals for cash flow

  • In 5 years, you could have at least 5 rentals and be on the path to financial freedom

"Taking Tracy's Flips schools was one of the best decisions I sould have made in 2022. You see, I had been looking for someone that would teach the basic fundamentals to flipping a home. Tracy's method is a humble one, how to use real estate as a vehicle to become debt free and build wealth in a supportive and positive learning environment.

Right from the start! I was engaged and very quickly started learning the language of a flipper, helping me communicate with Lendars, Contractors and other Investors. Tracy kept it real, reminding us that the first tool you'll need to be successful is MINDSET."


Flip School Student

So what if you could learn the fundamentals and learn to flip, even while you have a full time job (which some of my students do, and I won't tell you to quit it!), flip a few houses a year and STILL change your financial future? That may go against the grain of encouraging you to burn the bridges, go full time and never look back, but my journey is even proof you don't have to be a big operation to EARN BACK your TIME.

What's Included in Flip School?

8 Weeks of Coursework ON DEMAND

Each week, a module with Lessons, Quiz and an Assignment will take you through the process, step by step.

You'll be learning from listening, remembering and doing like an investor; I get you taking ACTION and ready for the real world.

12 Weeks of Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

Every Friday, bring your questions, get support, get market updates and insight, celebrate each others wins and get feedback on deals.

No more 'going it alone' or endlessly searching for real world answers.

Lifetime Access to your Flip School Dashboard

Once you are enrolled, you get LIFETIME access to the Flip School dashboard. That includes updated information, new features and resources.

Private Facebook Group

Stay connected between coaching calls, get support, and hang out with your fellow Flip School friends.

Access to Templates, Checklists, Scripts, and Updated Content

You'll have access to the templates, checklists, scripts, outlines and spreadsheets that will make and save you THOUSANDS, as wel as drastically reduce your learning curve.

Run your business like a BUSINESS with these resources:

  • Seller Direct Marketing resources and insights: Learn where and how to find the most motivated Sellers and how to negotiate with them directly.

  • Outline of Questions you MUST ask any lender: You will sound like a pro and be taken more seriously!

  • Property walkthrough checksheet to help create your scope: This 7-page walkthrough will help you create a thorough scope and get better bids and budgeting.

  • Cheat sheet for pulling comps: Don't ever leave your numbers up to others; learn to look at values like the pros.

  • Private Money Lending Email Request Template: Use my email template to help you raise capital.

  • Go To Market Checklist: This is what will make your project stand out against the others, get people excited and make you look like a pro.

  • Access to updated content in your Dashboard

  • Access to past Q&A recorded calls

Curriculum for Flip School

Just some of the things you'll learn in Flip School:

  • Know where and how to find motivated Sellers

  • Learning how to have deals brought to YOU

  • Buying pre-forclosure, REO and auction properties

  • Evaluate a property for profitability

  • Be better at negotiating and making a deal (and when to walk away)

  • Writing contracts for deals (with safety clauses!)

  • Comping deals like a pro (even in a changing market)

  • Understand options on how to fund your first flip

  • Understand what elements of a property to update

  • Working with contractors (even as a newbie)

  • Tips for project management and payments

  • "Packaging" your project for sale like a true professional

  • Getting your project successfully resold, even in a changing market


Ladies - You have an additional module dedicated to an exclusive look on how I have successfully navigated this business and tips on how you can too. Your bonus video gives you insighs on how to become more confident, how to create a team of SUPPORTIVE, professional vendors and how to pravtive effective and confident communication. I believe every woman should understand how to buy an income property, so let me help you introduce you to flipping!

"... this course also offers step-by-step instructions, resources, community, accountability, and a space to ask questions to a real person rather than spending hours searching the internet for answers. The homework assignments are practical and make you take the steps that will actually move you toward your goal of flipping a house. Tracy is down to earth, honest, and encouraging. You will learn so much from this course but more importantly, you will leave knowing that a group of people are cheering you on towards your goals and have your back. Whether you're just beginning your journey in RE investing or ready to make a move on your first flip, this course is the support that you need. Don't pass up this opportunity!"


Flip School Student

What this course will NOT cover / will NOT include:

- Flipping land, commercial property, multi family, mobile homes or anything other than Single Family Homes, Condos and Townhomes.

- Flipping luxury properties; this will focus on ENTRY level and MOVE UP priced properties

- Flipping new construction

- Getting rich quickly or guru "secrets"

- Flipping properties out of state or out of the country

- There is no private 1-1 coaching

- Scaling an existing business. If you have flipped a property before, this course may be helpful to improve your experience/process, but if you already have an active flip business going, this course does not teach scaling up operationally, systems, hiring, etc.

"The class was super informative, with step-by-step instructions on how to do a fix & flip. One of our first assignments was calling hard money lenders so we could understand their M.O. Because of this course I felt comfortable making an offer on an investment property, using hard money with a contract I made through this assignment. She is the real deal, knows her stuff and will support you along the way. Money well worth the knowledge you will gain from this course. An awesome bonus is meeting other people with the same goals."


Flip School Student

Is this course worth it?

That depends, and we all learn differently. Most people pay to get into flipping by virtue of:

  • One in a 10,000 chance an investor opens their busness and time to personally mentor one on one for free

  • Losing $20,000 on their first deal (more common than you think)

  • Paying $50,000 for a mentorship (I wish success was this easy to buy!)

  • Reading books, blogs and going to meetups for years before they do their first deal

  • Waiting years to even get started due to lack of access to support - FEAR

The tuition for FLIP SCHOOL IS LESS THAN AN EARNEST DEPOSIT FOR A FLIP; if that could save you from losing tens of thousands, shorten your learning curve and put the pieces together for you, is that worth it to you?

"I attended the very first Flip School course and cannot say enough good things about it. After following and admiring Tracy's work on social media for years, I was thrilled to see that she was offering a course that was not only very comprehensive but also very affordable. I currently work as a project manager for a real estate investor and was attracted to this course to improve my renovation skills and learn how another investor runs her flips, but also to gain a more complete understanding of the entire process of flipping a house; my expectations were absolutely met..."


Flip School Student

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AZREIA has monthly meetings in Phoenix, Tucson, Prescott, and Bisbee. The Phoenix meeting is held on the 2nd Monday of the month. These meetings are full of education, information, and networking.

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In AZREIA, people of like-mind gather and there's tons of resources. I found hard money lenders and properties. I'd found people that could help me in my business.


Dean Leonard

In the early days, the focus of my networking is AZREIA for sure. Don't miss a meeting and all those subgroups!


Bob Gomez


Once you enroll, you can start your education and log in to your Dashboard.

MY GAURANTEE: And if you get through the sessions, upload the assignments, and feel its STILL not worth the tuition, I'll refund your pruchase 100%, no questions asked.

YES! I'm ready to start Flip School now

See you in school!

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